Moving To Hanoi? 3 Helpful Tips

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Moving To Hanoi? 3 Helpful Tips

Are you planning to move to Hanoi? Here are 3 helpful tips that may help you on your journey.

Tip 1 – Purchase a motorbike or Rent?

When you move to Hanoi, getting around will an adventure on its own. Renting a motorbike is a very convenient option for getting around the city and it’s quite cheap. If you are renting from example LEO MOTORBIKES (Advertised here on you would be paying $49 a month, which is just over $1 a day. Easy. It’s cheaper than taking taxis around everywhere, which could be $3-6 per trip and super convenient. If you are a little skittish of the initial driving experience in Hanoi, we get it, it’s different from Mulberry drive, just drive slow and stay to the right. My most valuable driving tip, just always expect the unexpected.

“Always Expect The Unexpected”

However, I made the mistake of renting a motorbike my first year living in Vietnam, the entire time and the amount that I spent on rental fees, well I could have purchased 3 motorbikes of my own. So I would suggest planning ahead. How long do you plan on living in Hanoi, if it’s a short-time then renting could be right for you, but if it’s long-term purchasing your own would be the best economically.

Tip 2 – Housing

Renting a room, house or an apartment in Hanoi is super cheap. Much cheaper than alternatively living in Saigon. There are really cool places that you could luck up and find with a nice view of westlake or a highrise looking over the city. Many of those places are listed right here on However take heed on what you sign to. Read the terms very carefully. One of the biggest upsets I’ve noticed with expats ending their contract is weird terms that restrict their ability to get their deposits returned. If you need some help/advice on this email us at

Tip 3 – Nightlife (Bars & Clubs in Hanoi)

Hanoi has a very underground vibe. My first time moving to Hanoi, I couldn’t find ANY nice bars or clubs to visit for months. It wasn’t until I met the right peeps that gave me the tips of where to go and when. The nightlife scene in Hanoi especially Tay Ho moves like a flock of birds and can be anywhere at any given time. (It is still unknown who leads this flock, it’s a mystery). So for this tip you are just going to have to be social, the old school way. Meeting people, making new friends and you’ll get the vibe sooner than later.

You can search facebook groups where locals and expats post what’s happening in town. Check out Hexxagon, Events, Music, Art and Food page for Tay Ho, Hanoi: 

Here are some bars in hanoi that you can check out that’s nice for meeting people:

  •  Sidewalk Bar (Friday they serve free beer for an hour)
  •  Kobala Bar (Chilled house music vibes and great cocktails)
  •  Dockers Bar (Periodically has some good events)
  •  Nameless Bar (a cool speakeasy that fits 20 peeps max)
  • Savage (Hipsterish but nice nightclub with the best sound system)

More tips will be coming to soon!

Do you have any questions or would like to see more tips on other topics, contact us


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